#13. Know Pain Mike

#13. Know Pain Mike

Today on the podcast I am delighted to welcome Mike Stewart. 

Mike is a physiotherapist with over fifteen years of experience managing complex, persistent pain conditions. His work in the field has recently received international praise from the leading names in neuroscience and many would consider Mike an expert in pain management. 

In addition, he is a dedicated practice-based educator committed to providing evidence-based education to a wide variety of health professionals. After completing his masters in Physiotherapy & Practice-based education, Mike often travels around the world to help coaches and clinicians to further their understanding of pain. 

It has taken me around a year to get Mike on the show and I can say you will not be disappointed! 


In this episode you will learn: 

Mike's background and current work.

What are the most common misunderstandings of pain science amongst medical and coaching professionals in sport?

What is the biopsychosocial framework is and how it should be used to manage pain and performance?

How does the brain react to acute and painful injuries?

Sometimes when an athlete has a long-term injury, they will sometimes acquire a chronic alertness of the injured area. What are the reasons for this?

Are there any common misconceptions around persistent pain? 

How can we change our language and communication to injured athletes on order to aid better management of their pain?  

Should we manage a youth athletes (u23-u16) pain differently from that of an adult athlete? If so, how?

What is the 'educational tool kit and how can clinicians and coaches develop this?

Mikes Details:

Mike Stewart

Know Pain

Courses with Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart on Twitter

Resources discussed in the episode: 

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