#9. Kelvin Giles

#9. Kelvin Giles

Today I am delighted and privileged to welcome a man who needs little introduction - Mr Kelvin Giles @kbgiles. Kelvin is CEO of movement dynamics sports consultancy, a former PE teacher who went on to be UK National and Olympic Track & Field Coach. He spent 30 years in Australia’s high performance sport environment and was Head T&F Coach at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra as well asHead of the Athletic Development department at the Queensland Academy of Sport in Brisbane. He spent 6 years at Brisbane Broncos Rugby League team as Director of Performance and also led the Australian Rugby Union’s Elite Player Development section. He's also coach to 14 Olympic and World Championship athletes over a 40 year career.


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In this Episode you will learn:

- How has training and general physical activity changed over the last 30-40 years?

- What are some fundamental issues that we see today with regard to the physical activity of young people?

- What role does PE in school play and how it should be changed

- What are some of the best practices a coach can have and how can others implement them?

- What are the four pillars of competence?

- How can you structure a session to hit these fours pillars - what does this session look like?

- How warm ups should be structured

- What is physical competence and how can young athletes achieve it? 

- Fundamental movements, what are they and how do they relate to sporting success? 

- Kelvins assessment process (Physical competence, muscular skeletal and health and well being)


People and Resources mentioned in the show:

- Vern Gambetta - GAIN Network

- Mike Dalgleish

- Frank Dick - Winning Matters / Sport Training Principles 


Kelvins Products:

- Physical Competence Assessment Manual

- This isn't a textbook

- An Introduction to Athlete Development 

- Movement Efficiency for the Developing Athlete 

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