Today I am excited to welcome Dr. Jon Oliver  @DrJonOliver  to the podcast. Jon is a hugely influential voice in the field of youth physical development and has produced over 50 peer reviewed journal articles, as well as 5 professional publications. Additionally, Jon edited 'Strength and Conditioning for Youth Athletes: Science and Application'; an outstanding resource that I can highly recommend. 

Jon currently works at Cardiff Metropolitan University as Reader in Applied Paediatric Exercise Science. In todays conversation we discuss but a fraction of his work; specifically a recent international consensus 'Position Statement on Youth Resistance Training' and the highly regarded 'Youth Physical Development model: A New Approach to Long-Term Athletic Development'. 

In this Episode you will Learn: 

1. Who is Dr. Jon Oliver

2. What the international consensus on youth resistance training is and the reasons for putting it together.

3. The key developmental neuromuscular adaptations that occur during childhood / adolescence.

4. How coaches can use this knowledge to guide their training programmes. 

5. About Jon's recent research in to ACL injury risk is elite female youth soccer.

6. What the the Youth Physical Development model is.

7. How coaches can use this model effectively and monitor appropriately.

8. How the model for males and females differs. 

9. How could the YPD be altered to fit a child who is either an early or late maturer?

De Ste Croix, M.B.A, Priestley, A, Lloyd, R.S & Oliver, J.L. (in press). ACL injury risk in elite female youth soccer: changes in neuromuscular control of the knee following soccer specific fatigue. Scand J Med Sci Sport