#6. The Rugby Strength Coach

#6. The Rugby Strength Coach

I am excited to welcome the rugby strength coach who is going to share his insights into strength and conditioning in both youth and adult populations. Keir is currently working in Tokyo with Toshiba in the top Japanese league, having previously played an Influential part in helping the Argentinian national team obtain 4th place in the Rugby world cup. 

Rugby strength coach is the web's #1 provider of strength and conditioning information to coaches and players. Please enjoy the conversation: 

This episode is jam packed with advice, as Keir shares his incredible journey in strength and conditioning.

In this episode you will learn:


- Who is the Rugby Strength Coach? 

- The key developmental components that coaches need to be working on with young Rugby players?

- What some of the major issues are that Keir has seen with regard to young Rugby players training regimes

- As players get older and training becomes more structured, how does the focus’ of Rugby strength and conditioning shift?

- How a players training age affect their ability to perform both in training and on the pitch?

- Programming methods that Keir has used successfully to develop strength, power and conditioning? 

- How to structure a General Physical Preparedness programme for a team of elite youth players

- 3 components of training that are completely underused in Rugby strength and conditioning

- The book or resource Keir has given as a gift most often

- Keirs advice for his 21 year old self

- The habits or practices of strength and conditioning that Keir dislikes

Specific people / websites / resources mentioned in the show: 


- Rugby Strength Coach Membership

Triphasic Training - Cal Dietz

- Westside Training - Louie Simmons

- Paul Stridgeon (wrestling)

- Sprinting. Optimise Movement - Myszka

Shawn Myszka

- Sprinting. Charlie Francis

- Sprinting. Michael Yessis

- Dan Pfaff

- Jeff Moyer

- Jonus Tawiah-Dodoo

- Why Zebras don't get ulcers - Robert Sapolsky

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