New look, new focus.

This is the first blog post I have written in a while, I am going to try and capture my thoughts here more regularly.

I am also going to re-launch the podcast, under a different name and different format. I don’t want the podcast to be solely focussed on youth athletes any more, I want to branch out; discuss more topics and have a wider variety of guests. Since the last podcast was put out, a lot of things have changed (I got married and moved to Hong Kong); and so my creative ventures were put on hold for a short while.

Also on the blog I will be discussing current conversations in the strength and conditioning community as well as performance sport as a whole. I see some strong opinions on twitter and a lot of people complaining about an industry which I love and believe we are incredibly lucky to work in. I’ll try and dispel some people opinions thoroughly and with research, of course, my views are open to critique just like anybody else’s are.

'bad exercises'